What is Ethical Investing & Why You Need to Hop on the Trend

2 min readApr 1, 2021


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

We hear this term thrown around a lot… ~ethical investing~. But, what does that even mean? How can we actively be ethical in our investments that are inherently funding capitalist structures? If we don’t even know what ethical investing is, how do we know how to engage in it?

Well, we don’t know, but you know. The only factor that determines whether or not your investing is ethical is you.

Let’s break it down. Ethical investing is an investment strategy in which you consider your values (social, religious, moral, political, etc.) when deciding your investment strategies. A lot of the time, people are investing in funds that support structures in society that they don’t morally agree with. But — they never know!

For example, one of the largest funds in the world, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund (VTI), controls over $1.1 trillion. This fund is invested in fossil fuels, companies with poor diversity, and guns. But — no one tells you this, so you end up inadvertently supporting things you disagree with.

So, what can you do about it? Gone are the days when ethical investing had to be done by doing individual research on companies and creating an extensive portfolio yourself. Because of the explosive consumer interest in this type of investing that prioritizes moral responsibility, fuelled by the mindsets of younger generations, and new ways to invest with things like fractional shares, it’s not all on you anymore.

At Arnie, we’ve created a new way to invest in what you believe in (and divest from what you don’t) — and expect the same returns. We work with you on an individual basis to find out what you care about and help you invest in what you believe in. Our mission is to empower everyone to take part in the global shift from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.

Ethical investing is a direct route in holding companies accountable. Instead of being stuck in funds with no control over the companies you actually own, we build a personalized portfolio that owns stock directly. So you can invest and divest according to what you care about most. Your money will be invested in companies making a positive impact and solving the global problems you care about, while also divesting from companies causing harm.

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