That good good money

2 min readNov 30, 2020


Let’s talk about that good good money.

Good for me and good for the world.

Should be pretty simple, but of course, it’s not.

Let’s start with the ‘good for me’ part. If, like me, you have some money saved and want that little egg to grow into a big egg, then you have to invest it. But if (also like me) you don’t have nearly enough money to hire a private advisor to tell you how to do that then you’re left with your own shaky understanding of it all.

There’s a good chance you decided to choose some mutual funds or ETFs. Which makes a lot of sense — you get a diversified set of stocks at a risk level that feels comfortable to you. Great, now you’re making money. But where is that money actually going? No f-ing clue. And that’s where this ‘good for the world’ part makes it complicated.

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be invested in companies with practices you disagree with. Gun manufacturers, companies using prison labor, with zero board diversity, or high fossil fuel emissions. It’s all but guaranteed this is where your money is going.

So how do you, as someone who tries to live their life with intention and positive impact, make sure you’re not inadvertently supporting things you disagree with?

To start, you can find out where your money actually is. Funds don’t make this information obvious so you have to do some digging. We’ve made that part easy. You can head to and search any fund you’re invested in to discover if you’re supporting things like nuclear weapons manufacturing or mass deforestation.

Then, with this newfound knowledge and motivation to move your money onto a platform that considers more than just your financial goals…you can wait ;)

Because that doesn’t exist yet. But we’re getting really close!

We’re currently building a new robo-advisor that will let you align your investments with your values. Finally giving you control over both your financial and impact goals. Good for you, and the world.

You can sign up for our waitlist here to be first to know when we launch and get access to our initial beta program.